Soft Tissue Grafting

Gum recession exposes the root surfaces of teeth. Areas of recession lack thick, resilient gum tissue around a tooth or a dental implant. Without proper tissue thickness the body is unable to protect itself from normal daily function such as chewing food and the brushing of teeth. Recession can be treated with soft tissue (gum) grafting. A soft tissue grafting procedure is used to treat temperature sensitivity, root exposure and improve esthetics. Gum grafting supports the tooth and protects the tooth root from decay.

Gum grafting procedure:  The root surface is thoroughly cleaned and prepared to receive the soft tissue graft.  Donor tissue is taken from the patient’s palate (or donated tissue may be used) and is carefully placed on the root surface of the tooth.  Once in place the soft tissue graft is secured into place with sutures.   Following the procedure you can expect to have swelling and slight pain at the surgical sites.


               Before                                                After

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